I’ve always been semi-interested in Jade Empire, thinking it nice to see fantasy fiction based on something OTHER than Europe. The thing is, whenever I think about that, I just end up wishing it were this:


If you haven’t seen it, yes it’s an anime, but it’s based on a series of Japaense fantasy novels, and every time I watch it I end up wishing more RPGs were like that. When you get down to the core elements it’s actually a lot like The Witcher 2 in terms of the story focus on political machinations and it’s attention to detail with the folklore, it just replaces the Eastern Europe influence with imperial China.

I’ve played maybe two hours of Dragon Age 2 so far and even though the graphics and art managed to bring “bland” to a new level, I can already tell that the story is going to focus more on political shit than saving the world from mystical shit. I like that.