@angryjedi I’ve been thinking about giving LoL a try. One of my best friends from high school is all about Heroes of Newerth, but I hear LoL is more accessible and the community is a little nicer. Plus, it’s free, whereas I think you pay $30 for HoN.

The great thing about these F2P MMOs is that there’s no price barrier to entry, so yeah, I’d be up for trying out Spiral Knights some time.Why not?

I played Champions Online when it was in beta, and it didn’t really turn me on. Tried the F2P version a few days ago, and I quit before finishing the tutorial. It’s not for me.

But yeah, let me know if you guys want to hop on Vindictus some time. My only character is a Lann, dual-wield sword guy, called Utivich (yeah, I just saw Inglorious Basterds :).