I’m with @feenwager and @zegolf in that I really dig the new format (disclaimer: I also loved the old format). Chin-stroking still occurs, each squadcast has the propensity to usher walls of text unto the Squawk, so there’s still that level of discussion. In terms of squad missions, if not a podcast, then why not via the Squawk? It might take a post or two to nut out a particular format, but there’s no reason it can’t be done.

I dunno, I wasn’t around for the old 1UP board days, but wasn’t that the way things worked back then? Targeting titles and writing walls of text? It’s nice to have an audio round-table, but the groundwork for the ‘casts of old must have been hectic and sometimes painful to achieve. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to fight family duties and time differences, because I’d love to waffle on via a microphone on particular games, but settling for our asymmetric notation on the Squawk offset by a snappy and lofty Season 2 Squadcast is perfect at this point in time.

It does go back to our venerable Squadleader @RocGaude saying something akin to “these things take a lot of work to put together, and at some point, you’ve got to ask yourself ‘is it worth it?'”. From this position, I feel so lucky we get more frequent Squadcasts. And let’s be honest, we’re a varied lot around here, and as much as we all consider ourselves renaissance fellows of gaming, many recommendations fall on disinterested OR busy ears. Time, life, interests etc., getting a consensus for a mission is half the battle, let alone the follow-on in order to get a recording happening.

But hell, as @feenwager said, why not get a mission going and, if need be, put together a Mission Squadcast of your own. I’d listen.