I’m glad to see that things are coming together. The two questions the squad faces is “Is the squad’s mission statement still worth doing” and “Are we the people to do it?” It looks like both come back positive, which is very heartening.

@bowlisimo I’d recommend giving Digital a shot at least, it’s quite charming and not anime-themed at all. Plus anyone who dealt with older technology and/or the internet on any regular basis will find the setting wonderful.

the other one is definately anime themed, but has…… some… rather atypical twists that you might find quite thought provoking. Very much not your standard anime thing. Give it the benefit of the end of Chapter 1, (I finished in about an hour) and see what you think =) Perhaps it will change your mind. =)

Additionally I support the Christine Love set because as a totally free, very low overhead very short experience (you could probably play both in the same day, even people without computers could finish one or the other on a library computer (perhaps needing a flash drive for the the second one, but maybe not) This way we can start back on the track with strong squad participation since there’s a very low barrier to entry both in time and access requirements.