I haven’t posted here for a while either. I need to make sure that this site stays open as a Firefox tab or something. Though, I did pinch a nerve in my back a couple of weeks ago, and I was a bit loopy on painkillers for a while, so it’s perhaps for the best that I wasn’t posting here.

At any rate, I miss the old format quite a bit. This is the only podcast that adds any nuance and depth to the discussions, and I feel that was largely a byproduct of the original format. Since everyone was limited to a single game, discussions were forced to evolve based on depth rather than breadth. I like the new podcasts too, of course, but they seem a bit more unfocused. And, to be honest, I tend to wait a bit longer before listening to the podcasts than I would if it was a Squad mission for a game I had played. I remember being overjoyed when I discovered the Persona 3 podcast, because I had finished playing the game around the time it came out, and you all were engaging the game on a level that few do.

I still go back and listen to podcasts for games that I complete. I haven’t played Machinarium yet, but I own it, and I will listen to the Squadcast after I finish it. Ditto Okami. I’m not sure I would be too inclined to listen to a three year old discussion of DLC or Cheap-Fu, however.

I realize that I’m likely not the target audience for a gaming podcast, though. I don’t really care about what’s new in the industry. In fact, I usually skip the introductory stuff on the Squadcasts, and I also skip the Hot Shit segment for the most part. If I don’t have a new This American Life or Radiolab I will sometimes listen to the entire podcast, but I am mostly interested in the middle segments.