*hate mail sent <3* (but seriously feen, we luv ya no hard feelings =D)

Which I suppose would be fine, I can see some of those arguments, but I don't think I see them for The Squad. That was(?) literally the squad's mission statement "These are the games that we know are good, and haven't gotten around to playing yet, This is our Pile of Shame. Our mission, is to play these under appreciated gems and discuss them so that you who are busy, you who are uninterested, you who have no capability to play it yourself, can listen to it and gain a certain element of the culture without having to slog through a 90 hour JRPG, or a weird, uncomfortable disease ridden experience. It isn’t easy, and we will take our goddamn time with it, but this is what we do, who we are. We are… the Squadron of Shame."

Like, those are two good points, but they're two good points exactly against what the squad was literally created to do. If people don't want to do that anymore that's a different story, lives change, people change. However, if so we are a totally different beast from what we were.

I mean Pete posted a history of the squad barely a week ago at his blog, the comic sort of expouses us exactly *being* the guys who do exactly that.

I was kinda under the impression that the topical podcasts were filler between people completing whatever the current mission was. I could probably handle it if we decided we were totally casting missions aside, but I won’t lie, I would not be happy by any stretch. What we do, or did here, was as far as I could tell totally unique on the internet, which is *very hard to do*, and also worthwhile. Garnet still talks about the Squadron of Shame still being out there. I’d like to believe that is true.