@feenwager Indeed. *wink wink*

Contrarily, this was the first time I found ol’ Blow to be tolerable! Not sure why, especially given I’ve little tolerance outside of the Squad for snobby forced high-brow’isms. I liked the slightly heated discussion. Granted, I did turn off the podcast after that, because if there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s the decrying of Sony handhelds under the banner of “but it doesn’t encapsulate the idea of handheld gaming”. Piss off.

Day One podcast, though…I skipped past the Mega64 guests to when David Jaffe walked in and listened to about an hour of it on the way to work today. Great discussion, really good dichotomy and breadth of guests. Looking forward to hearing more.

@RedSwirl To answer you Vita question…I dunno, I’m hoping for some great strat titles on the thing, but I’ll settle for WipEout and LBP in the meantime, perhaps even Modnation Racers. The idea of having a touchscreen interface for user-created content construction is tantalising. Plus, having that fidelity means I one day want to design a LBP level for @feenwager, because it’d be nice to be that *one* guy who brings a smile to Jeff’s dial via a level that isn’t – in his eyes – crap. Tough mission to undertake, though!