oh hey I was mentioned on the Gamepro liveblog, neat =P

zegolf I’ll definitely say this, the best way to integrate Kinect into hardcore items is to have a passive voice recognition active. The reason for this is because it’s an *Additional* control, rather then replacing your hands, which are (I hope) the most dexterous objects on your body, or giving everything to voice command (like that one old game where you guided that one girl, I forget its name -_-) have it as a suppliment, particularly to key particular AI or predesignated routines is a brilliant idea, that only requires decent voice recognition to work

This could also be amazing for a 2 player co-op experience, with a detailed enough minimap or perhaps streaming to some other controller/display device (Iphone/android?) You could be a soldier on the ground while your buddy controls AI movements and squads in a sort of battlefield commander role.

Could be good times!