Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Underworld, and Wing commander: Privateer being released simultaneously on GOG pierces me with a lance made of nostalgia. 2011 certainly is a year where the titan-like video marketing machine has me and my ilk squarely targeted with pinpoint precision.
The one thing I fear in this world? Being crushed to death by a horde of things I love.

This month at retail my eyes are fixed on Alice: Madness Returns. It looks like a breath of fresh air.
Duke Nukem Forever is coming from the wrong place at the wrong time for me, not that I don’t think there would be a context where I would pick it up … at least out of nostalgia. Probably not at full price.
Infamous 2 looks fun, but ultimately its a franchise I could have waited another year for. Loved the first one, but I am going to wait.

Playstation Store’s relaunch has uncovered some gems that caught my eye. Pixel Junk Shooter 2. Love the first one, and its something I can see myself co-oping all weekend. Parasite Eve, a game that I always meant to try but did not.

Aside from it all, the Witcher 2 still has me enthralled.Though I am fighting the temptation to play the leaked Deus Ex Human Revolution Preview build. I know it will be better if I wait, regardless of my justification.