@RedSwirl Since you’re an ARMA man and have a penchant for Clancy franchises, may I suggest Ralph Peters’ Red Army? I shan’t say much more than you won’t get a more terrifyingly detailed soldier’s perspective of a fictional late Cold War era conventional invasion of Europe by the Soviet Union. Devoid of politics and from the perspective of the Soviet forces themselves. Peters is classed by many as “the thinking man’s Clancy”, so that might bode well for piquing interest. It’s a terrific read, but only those with an interest in combined arms and modern armour need apply.

Of course, the impact is lessened somewhat by reading it post-Cold War, but still very much a glorious, if highly improbable, “what if” scenario. Think of it as the novel precursor to World in Conflict.

Also, folks, just for practice, is everyone okay on UK2 server for Frozen Synapse? Stats across all servers are now cumulative, so there’s no starting from scratch. Looking forward to some coffee break games over the weekend.