@redswirl Great to hear. Nothing wrong with slow reading, btw. I liken it to walking through the woods slowly, taking everything in. Especially with dialogue, you can really read it like it’s being spoken. Not sure if speed readers do that or if they’re just taking in pure information.

Not really the biggest non-fiction reader, but I’ve always found history to be a near limitless font of amazing stories. Just need to find the right writer/historian/chronicler. I put down The Conquest of New Spain a month or so ago. Took kind of a gamble on it, though I knew I was interested in the time period, and was rewarded with one of the most incredible/insane/ballsy stories I’ve ever read, told matter-of-factly from a soldier’s POV, but very vivid.

Anyway, other than the nautical classics I’ve been diving into and the random sci-fi/fantasy/contemporary novels here and there, I haven’t really been reading as much as I should. For expert advice I point thee toward Lynette (RampantBicycle), Beige’s wife. As far as I understand, she’s had an intimate relationship with books since the womb.