@unmanneddrone In this case I’m not the person to ask, fortunately beige has filled the gap =P As an anime buff my tastes run away from giant robots rather then towards, though like anyone in that fandom I know a significant group of people who love that sort of thing… Unfortunately when I went in there and admitted I hadn’t seen Patlabor, their response was basicly this

Person1: W-what?
Person2: How could you 😦
Person3: … get out, run now while you live :<

I didn't press the issue =P (Though that does speak well for it in some fashion)

I will say I liked what I saw of PlanetES, it seemed like a fun take even if the astronomy student inside was freaking out about the probabilities of finding so much junk in such a high orbit. There is a VERY LARGE AMOUNT OF SPACE up there. =P

Of course, I wouldn't be into anime if I let realism dictate my enjoyment of narratives =P Besides, it's POSSIBLE certainly, even if the surface of the earth would fill up first