@Shingro I suppose you’re the man to ask; how’s Planetes regarded in the anime fan community? Outside a few niggling character issues, I goddamn love that series. That and the Patlabor movies/TV series are the old stalwarts…love ’em. Any show that breaks down mecha to ostensibly bipedal tractors and celebrates the lives of orbital garbage men (or trash collectors to you NA’ers) is a winner in my book.

And this week is a good week! Brink finally unlocks for me on Steam – Thanks Gabe, because importing the physical copy to circumvent the Japanese release date, only to be met by two weeks of waiting is exactly what I wanted – as well as Frozen Synapse releasing (keys for the Steam version will be available for pre-order gentry, @angryjedi @beige and @bowlisimo), plus the terrific King Arthur Collection coming out today!

Expect a little musing on King Arthur. Finally having all the DLC/expansions in one fell swoop will add a good few new dimensions. A dark fantasy take on the Arthurian climb to power, an RPG multi-character/general development aspect atop an empire builder with tactical Total War-esque combat. With text-based adventure quests within. And loot. With city management. Yes.

All one needs now is time.