@bowlisimo Actually, you’d be surprised! I reckon it stands up remarkably well. One of my favourite forgotten gems. In addendum, the Hammerhead and ISSAPC are two of my most cherished sci-fi ship designs. I do wish we had more military sci-fi dramas…BSG doesn’t really count for me…Space: Above & Beyond remains the only real show of its kind. A straight-laced Heinlein-lite for fans of the hostile space concept. Also, Chigs. I mean, as far as sci-fi enemies in TV shows go, they’ve never been topped!

EDIT: Oh, and I took Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword online last night, having never done so with the franchise…and damn, it’s totally awesome! Utterly chaotic, but there’s something to be said for pole-arming a Hussar from his mount as he tries to lance me at full gallop. It’s come a long way with the new patches, too. Might be a chance to jump in if you need a break from the Indian Wars.