For anyone interested in M&B: With Fire & Sword, I’d say skip it and stick with Warband. It’s a little too rough right now (rougher than usual). Seriously, it needs a lot of work. I started to realize this the first time I went to reload my matchlock and the ramrod was invisible. There are some good ideas in there, like wagon forts, but it’s pretty bland over all, especially the map, which is really flat. I get a kick out of the guns, but they feel thrown together. Somehow they managed to make it even harder to get money, too. Let it sit and soak up some patches and mod support to make it more interesting, if you care at all. I’ll probably give it some more time and try the storyline, but I think I’d rather just try THIS.

@unmanneddrone Tempting. Anyone want to split the cost? After that 30% it’s basically 10 dollars per copy.