@unmanneddrone oh man does this mean I get to be Sir Alex at last?! =D

What? No? Well I guess I could be Al, I already tolerate that from various people. Oh, or just call me Shingro, I am after all a Shingro

I’d love to take advantage of all this stuff, but I’ve got a trip planned to ACEN on 20-22nd and the next desired game is going to be Catherine (full retail release), so I’m a bit strapped for cash. Still, I can taste the delicious ‘Japanese Nonsense’ flavor from here. =D

Also, dare I hope? Might it be a mature game? (In terms of “Treating You Like An Adult,” and “Realistic relationship” rather then “Boobies! =D” which also reminds me that I gotta finish last chapter of The Witcher.)

Seriously though, can anyone think of any games that gave a really solid “realistic” relationship? It seems to go either Romantic Comedy or Fairytail, which isn’t too unexpected as these are both entertaining relationship templates as old as time, still, surely someone gave it a shot in the west? This kinda skirts alongside the Ren-Ai mini mission, but my notes need pruning anyway.