@Shingro Maybe a suffix or prefix should be investigated. I politely bark shotgun on the prefix “grizzled”, only because it does wonders for my self-esteem.

@beige Oh, and rolling back a few posts, indeed – Call of Juarez. Great series by an even greater studio. Real do-anything Poles. Xpand Rally/Nail’d racing games to Euro-Westerns, flawed but endearing sci-fi FPS games in the Chrome series, to slightly overambitious sniper titles. One thing’s for sure, The Cartel looks like Techland are having a lot of fun making it. Count me in and colour me intrigued.

AND, to nobody in particular, do mark in your calendars that Section 8: Prejudice comes out today…or, more likely, tomorrow due to NA time. Space Marine Skydiving. No tandem. Cheap fu is really kicking derrière this year. 15 dollars for Prejudice, for the new Mount & Blade, for Sanctum (which I hope to gush about after a few more co-op sessions)…lots of good stuff.

Looking forward to Prejudice especially.