*Prepares to sue Beige* you don’t get much more grim and gritty then western, and I’m still recovering from the Song of Ice and Fire books noooo thank you.

Yeah that’s a strange story, they say “Yeah we encrypted the data relax” but they don’t mention what type of encryption it was (probably because they wouldn’t want to give anyone who took data any hints… but I mean, Sony wouldn’t be dumb enough to use public key encryption… right? right??) Then one thing they don’t say was encrypted was passwords, which is…. well, totally basic security theory. I’ve read some speculation that one reason they went after Geohotz so hard is that they had all their security as part of the PS3 hardware and when the root key got cracked out went basically their entire security suite.

Besides the shacknews writer, I’ve got 2 guys on my facebook friends who have reported fraudulent charges… maybe it’s a coincidence, but maybe not so it’s still important to keep an eye on these sort of things. My card gets checked today and probably changed on the weekend