@unmanneddrone Do I believe them? Hard to say. I’m not honestly against them from the get go, PS3 is the only console I own, and Sony is the only company that is going to licence the crazy Japanese games I love. I *want* to see them survive and thrive. I just know enough to be suspicious of what they’re saying. Can you imagine them NOT saying that to that question regardless of what happened? “You’re right we totally knew and we didn’t tell you, Sue us for-ev-er”

I am hard pressed to think of the type of intrusion that would pass existing security, convince Sony to sacrifice massive amounts of revenue to pull down their systems but would also flabbergast their entire security team (companies as big as Sony, much less companies involved in major networks like PSN are no slouches when it comes to hiring competent internet security) then require an outside firm and days of study to reveal what they had access to. Usually it’s a matter of “how did they get in, what permissions does entrance in such a manner mean, is consumer data within those permissions” considering that Sony was already on guard for spoofs using the Geohotz key (80% likely it was involved as it’s the newest “shift” on the security board) I’d tend towards believing they know much of that. Maybe they’re desperately trying to do damage control, maybe not. I’m suspicious though that this story ends in “We’ve placed additional shackles around you to keep you safe from your own content”

All I’m saying is lets not break out the hammer and nails for anyone an hour after the news breaks, stuff like this requires clear thought and careful reasoning and way more data if you’re going to rage against the appropriate party.

I do agree though, I enjoy debate, deductive reasoning and all, but moral relativism and the proper application of justice is the sort of thing that makes with the swirly eyes @_@ Too heavy for a Tuesday night.

Besides, I honestly think that when we know for sure we’ll all be on the same page 🙂