@Shingro It’s a twisted tale. The only thing I can think of to lend credence to Sony’s press release is simply the backlash the company would receive if there was a spate of user/subscriber credit card fraud and identity theft, thus they’d be all over an announcement if they knew how deep the incursion ran at the time. It really is playing with fire to withhold…but you never know.

Anyway, we’ll see. It’s just a sad time for everything to go pear-shaped. People should be revelling in console Steam-related fun, not sitting there staring at maintenance pop-ups and apologetic emails.

@bowlisimo Brother, M&B: With Fire & Sword…you looking at getting into this one? I admittedly never picked up Warband, but the original was indeed a hallmark. A very interesting time period to wander about in, to be sure with F&S. Definitely Squad/Cheap-Fu material for anyone else interested, given it’s fifteen buck thereabouts price tag.