@angryjedi Yeah, I can agree with that but I always feel weird about “Fuck those guys” who exactly are we talking about? When a gun owner kills a guy is it “Fuck gun owners” or “Fuck that guy”

As a guy who lives in America I saw my entire country lose it’s collective mind about 10 years ago over the public outrage of “Fuck those guys” (casualties, 1 country(unrelated), many personal freedoms related to wiretapping, search and seizure, and thousands of personal injustices at people whose only crime was sharing a nationality)

Don’t get me wrong, I understand and to a large extent back the anger you have, as a dude who bought Mokoto DLC for Blazblue I’m feeling it myself and praying I didn’t click “save my information”. However I’m also studying computer security at a college… how much anger will it take before “Fuck those guys” includes me?

When a gun owner kills a dude we don’t say “Fuck all gun owners” when a priest molests a child we don’t say “Fuck all priests” When a guy who plays violent video games does a bad thing, I wish people didn’t say “Fuck all people who play violent video games” (though we’ve certainly heard that line a few thousand times.)

“Fuck that guy?” Damn straight “Fuck those guys?” errrr…. I wish we were more… specific… We’re all a part of “Those guys” to someone, and people who didn’t do a bad thing shouldn’t be punished for other people’s actions.

Honestly we don’t even know who/if there was a “that guy” yet or what they did. If this speculation is true, ( http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/109545-Speculation-About-PSN-Outage-Turns-to-Custom-Firmware ) then it’s not even about a guy breaking in to take people’s information, it’s about dudes loading their PS3s up with downloadable content like it was an all you could eat buffet.

Let me add that I’m not worried about Pete, Pete as far as I’ve been able to tell, is a cool cat who wouldn’t support any unfair blanket fuckery and not afraid of nobody. You’re not saying “all people past and present who have identified themselves as hackers regardless of individual action should burn in a fire.”

You’re more upset (near as I can tell) at that aspect of human nature that causes man to turn on man and generally be dickish to one another for little to no reason, and in that I’m 100% in agreement, Life’s hard enough on it’s own, we should be helping each other out with it where we can rather then adding additional miseries.

but a million Petes with good intentions in that moment of anger shout “fuck those guys” and demand action from a dude higher up goes “who? Those guys?” and with his limited understanding of the distinctions passes a law that harms the wrong guys and we’re all in trouble.

This sort of thing has happened before.