@cgrajko Once more unto the Zone, I say.

@beige @feenwager @angryjedi – another great squadcast. It made me think of all the nice expansion packs that we’ve received over the years…back before they castrated them for the most part and turned a nice idea in a nickel-n-diming exercise. There were the two Quake xpacs, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity, that – at least for me – showcased value for money and a decent take on expanding the initial framework. Dark Reign’s Rise of the Shadowhand added two new factions to the franchise, plus a host of new maps and features. Many fond memories there. (Still wish Dark Reign had made a bigger splash in the 90s RTS arms race. For my money it was a much more fulfilling strategy experience than Starcraft, and offered a much more dynamic AI to fiddle around with).

DLC on console that I’ve felt was good value had to be the expansions for Warhawk. The vanilla game is fantastic anyhow, but to add things like jetpacks, dropships and other new vehicles, maps, etc. for a relatively low cost – compared to the meagre map-only offerings we get for other games – makes a strong case. Plus, unlike a lot of online-centric games, the community lapped up these xpacs, so there wasn’t a split in the player-base. Can’t blame them, Warhawk is pretty much top tier online fun.

Preorder bonuses? Well…I think my first pre-order bonus will come in the form of a particular skin and gun for Brink. I’m not particularly excited about it specifically, but I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a virtual gun fetishist, amongst an insatiable vehicle and mechanical design fetishism…the utilitarian gun kinda makes me smile. Not a huge issue either way.

As previously stated, I don’t play any Bioware or Bethesda stuff to experience the onslaught of narrative-expansions, so no big revelations there…outside of thinking that, if I did, I’d only be wishing they’d included all this stuff from the get-go. Make the complete package, for story’s sake.

If you can do something like GSC Gameworld did with STALKER: Call of Pripyat Loyalty Edition – ala, if you’ve got the original game, you can nab the sequel for much cheaper, as it requires the original Shadow of Chernobyl game, otherwise pay more for the standalone version – instead of doing these trivial one-to-three hour affairs, I think I’d have a much better appreciation for this barrage of content.

That’s about all I can offer. Again, great show.