Red’s right, we gotta get this poll-ed. I support The Witcher more then STALKER just because of STALKER’s Oblivion Effect. STALKER is so open a world that 3/4 people will wander off and have all their fun in small bite sized moments in totally different sections of the map and never actually finish the game. Then when it comes to talk about it it’ll all come down to themes and personal experience because everyone will have seen different stuff and been different places, then only two guys will have finished it if that. Laugh at me now, but I’ve seen it before.

Conversely, I’ve never seen The Witcher’s like in any other RPG setting, probably because of its strong basis in a solid already established mythos. Everyone can get through it, guaranteed and due to the nature of the story branches in The Witcher everyone will have a different experience but still be headed towards the end in a timely fashion.

Lets do this thing, I got both games and I’d like to be part of a mission =)

Either way, I’m pretty sure one of the two candidates will beat out Trackmania. Sorry Pete, it’s really kind of a side mission or individual segment thing due to it’s lack of themes and suchlike.