@beige Some of STALKER’s underground sequences are incredibly tense! I ran like a terrified child when I first came up against that psychic “thing”.

So many terrific moments. It’s got a self-propelled narrative, too. I see a military patrol, I see an opportunity to enhance my loadout somewhat – maybe get the chance to ditch this goddamn jam-prone Viper 5 for a Akm 74/2. I also see the chance to die very quickly. Thus begins the scoping and weighing of options.

I recall wandering into an abandoned facility and seeing bodies of Stalkers everywhere…something *must* have gone down recently. Not letting a good opportunity go to waste, I start picking through the bodies, nabbing anti-rads and ammunition. There’s a light rain falling, met with the tiniest echo of a Ukrainian pop song bleeding out of tinny bassless speakers somewhere. As I finish looting the last corpse, I look up to see the Military squad obviously responsible for my sprawled brothers coming around the corner after they’d swept the complex. I scrambled backwards as they opened fire, darting around the other side of the building and quickly scampered up a ladder onto the roof. And thus began an incredibly tense engagement of trying to take this squad of six or seven heavily armoured, heavily armed soldiers down…a vicious and perhaps Pyrrhic semi-victory in terms of inventory. The rain never stopped during our encounter. Neither did the pop song.


@Shingro I don’t think STALKER is at all as open as Oblivion. However, STALKER allowing for a large proponent of personal experience doesn’t necessarily mean it’d make for bad Squad Missioning. I reckon, anyway.