@sinfony Damn straight it was Shift! Great sense of speed, best cockpit view, with the sound design and acoustics finest in the genre. The only think stopping me from picking up Shift 2 for the moment is having nabbed Dirt 2 on PC. Shift 2 certainly looks excellent, the crowning achievement being the driver view shifting into corners…amazing what such a simply mechanic can do to enhance the thrill of driving.

@bowlisimo Don’t be ashamed of watching Pro League! I do wish other strategy games received the same treatment, though.

I’m up for Trackmania, but when it comes down to it, I wonder how it’ll go as a Squad Mission…hard to get too chin-strokey with a racing game. Will it be just a mission of lap times and crazy moments? If so, it’d certainly be an easy one to covert simply into the space usually occupied by the topic of a normal Season 2 Squadcast.

EDIT: Man, I’ve been getting some RUSE on this weekend. Shogun 2 keeps tugging at my sleeve, but there’s something so special about Eugen’s title. Wish more folks took notice of this last year. Ah well.