@shingro The patching process and constant updating is what I hope would be dodged in console releases OR, in the case of Steamworks coming to PS3, infrastructure used to bypass certification processes. Either way, the model itself is a far more interesting what-if/what-could than the means.

I suppose we’ve been enjoying our instanced MMO since PSO, and for my money, I think that type of experience would be a better fit for console. Guild Wars, APB, CrimeCraft etc., it just makes more sense to not have a sprawling lag-fest and streamline things. Hell, do away with the hubs and simply have smaller lobbies. I dunno. I’m not at all an MMO player, but they’re an interesting part of the medium.

And let’s also pay tribute to the way Japan has been pumping out the squad-centric raiding action-RPGs, because they’re the closest things to viable console MMOs we’ve experienced. Oh, on that note, I wish more people had given Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce a go. Fantastic game, either on PSP or PS3. Hard as hell, too.

Maybe in lieu of constant updates, do the Guild Wars thing and present a competent base package, then roll out meaty DLC packs in, say, three month increments. Anyway, I’m just curious to see how these freemium MMOs go when they hit the consoles.

Of late, I see DCUO as the N64 FPS equivalent. A good start, cherished by many…but we need a Bungie to step in and set the bar. Which is what they might do, if things are to be believed! Instanced, large-scale “something”? Or, even CCP’s “Dust 514″…if that ever happens.