Just an interesting tidbit…seems like both the big home consoles are getting their F2P MMOs on, now that XBLA is receiving Dungeon Fighter (online Guardian Heroes, anyone?) and PSN with SOE’s Free Realms game (and The Agency down the line). It poses an interesting future, and for my money, seems to assure a greater level of quality control when transferred from the anything-goes PC market to the consoles. But not only traditional MMOs, but other F2P titles. With the FPS Blacklight 2 going F2P with a prospective (though, at this time, unannounced) audience on console, it could be a massive success that no one saw coming – especially given that the devs are striving to make it an equal-opportunity experience for both microtransaction purchasers and non-purchasers.

I’d be interested to hear @angryjedi’s opinion on this one, considering he spent a fair whack of time with DCUO. Is there a solid future for the console MMO? Moreoever, we’ve had solid online infrastructure for a generation now…and processing power notwithstanding, what’s been the hold-up for tapping in what seems like an obvious cashcow? Subscription model atop Live costs? F2P stigma or relative infancy? Simply different markets?