@shingro Indeed we did. I wanted to include the great @RocGaude, but he’s been off-the-air for public consumption and I do miss his broadcaster cadence.

However, yes, squad high five!

@RedSwirl Interesting that they’d say Far Cry 2 is the closest living relative to STALKER on console (or a lighter experience on PC). I love both of them. Funnily enough, I got more out of the admittedly more empty FC2 than I did out of Bioshock! Probably had something to do with me devouring Wilbur Smith novels as a younger fellow and revelling in the decayed, inscrutable romance of a post-colonial Africa. I gotta be honest with you, it’ll be interesting to see how you go tackling something like Crysis 2 then STALKER…I mean, as a player, you’re almost polar opposites in terms of ability and durability – even when playing Crysis on Delta difficulty!

We’ll have to keep arguing for a Squad mission on STALKER, though. Folks wouldn’t even need to complete it, just wander about in the Zone and soak up its rich, dark, dreary atmosphere.