@feenwager hmmm… hard to say, my place in gaming communities is usually as the outlier who shows up with something absolutely bizarre that sounds suspiciously like a game that’d be in a Barkley gas pump rant. “Wh- is that a bio engineered girl with a drum in her hair singing computer programing code to a magical supertechnology tower which converts emotions into energy?” and I nod enthusiastically without a trace of shame. When beige mentioned “that one witch touching game?” I quoted the name to the air. (Doki doki mahou shinpan if you’re curious) So rather then a guy you can kinda base opinions off of I’m the guy who you usually throw out of polls =P

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a wide and varied history of gaming, but the above tends to overshadow the other things in people’s minds, dunno why!

(fortunately I’m pretty self aware. I tend to restrain myself so I’m not (very) obnoxious. )

REGARDLESS I shall take your challenge sir! Letsee….

Chris ‘RacGaude” Whittington: When I think of him I think of his comic recommendations, He reminds me of a friend of mine who would recommend I read the strangest stuff that I can’t imagine how it got published, but never fails to be anything but interesting. He’s the only guy who came to the D&D table in high school who had a girlfriend.

I think of him as playing lead guitar in a band with shoulder length hair, dunno why.

Archetype: The ‘cool’ nerd

Pete “Angryjedi” Davison: Since hearing he liked the happy Japanese music I’ve been thinking of him as the secret otaku of group. He’s the guy I’d trust most often with a game recommendation barely beating out beige because even if he still has a functioning shame gland I believe our interests and preferences grow from a common root. It takes a very specific type of brain to process the pure sugar in denpa-kei music into serotonin. (If you’re not sure if you have this capability try these links in order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQfJ0e0WPFQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-duN9pRYD0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSomurbbQHs If you opened 1 you don’t have it, 2 and you have the potential, 3 WELCOME BROTHER)

Naturally as a British person on an audio based program he operates on the scrabble Triple Word Score. If I had my druthers I’d spam the board exchanging youtube links with him. (kiinda have, sorry, at least I didn’t embed the last few!) Since he did the mission intros I can’t help but imagine him in an aviator’s cap standing near a WWII biplane.

Archetype: Kindred spirit, Aviator

Mark ‘Beige’ Whiting: The professor, or perhaps the mad scientist. Reminds me of every professor I ever had who was really really really into their field of study, the guys who you’d ask “So hey, what is a scab exactly?” and twenty minutes later you’d have been told every goddamn thing about the creation, existence and properties of scabs while he was getting one under the microscope. For this reason, you ask them a question every day after class because they make it really interesting. I occasionally expect him to just scream “WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER” at random times in the podcast. Wild eyed and full of vigor he would tunnel through the stone crust of a shitty game without pause to find the next clue to The Unified Gaming Theory.

I could imagine equally at home in an overstuffed red armchair surrounded by books with glasses and a distinguished goatee, or Garth from that scene in Waynes world when he starts smashing the robotic hand with a hammer, he gets very excited about thoughts, highly awesome. Probably second most favored goto in general and primary for horror or thought provoking stuff. If I ever play a game that does something very unusual or provokes strong feelings I’d bring it up to him first. I look forwards to chewing the fat with him about The Void (once we both get around to playing it)

Archetype: The Professor (or maybe Masterpiece Theater), Aesthetic monk, crazed dwarven brainminer

Jeff ‘feenwager’: This may be just because of the recent podcasts or that his awesome flaying of Fable 3 remains forefront in my mind, but he reminds me most of my friend who is becoming somewhat disillusioned with gaming, not that he hates it or anything, but he’s fully willing to call something bullshit the very instant it crosses the line for him. This makes his recommendations probably the safest, since if it has the capability to piss you off, he will call it on it. Since I enjoy crashing headlong into the brush without checking for snakes I tend to come to his recommendations last, but I pay attention to his criticism, and do my own research since what is a ‘deal breaker’ is different for us all. Occasionally frustrates me with negativity, but hey, gaming isn’t all roses and song.

He seems to be looking for something else, something to really come out and grip that switch and he hasn’t found it for the last few months. When he inevitably does come onto the squadcast with stars in his eyes about a game, everyone will take note. Most likely to have the rain follow him wherever he goes. I imagine him in a trench coat in the rain in San Diego looking across the lights of the city at night, a wisp of smoke trails into the night sky as he leans against a lamppost looking out across the city… the city of angels.

Archetype: Noir Protagonist

Chris ‘Papapishu’ Person

The funniest guy in the room, often hilarious but at the same time the most disastrous to conversation. No matter what, if he thinks about something funny, he *will* get it in there. The number of derailed trains of thoughts he’s caused with his jokes, japes and impressions are uncountable over the squad’s history. Great fun, but occasionally he makes you want to pull your hair out if you were waiting on someone’s opinion and it becomes a casualty

Since he’s revealed himself to practice Brazilian jujitsu I can only imagine him looking like Eddy Gordo crossed with bruce lee wearing a hat from the godfather (since he lives in brooklyn or the bronx or someplace like that) I apologize to everyone.

Archetype: The fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Is that everyone? I feel like I’m forgetting someone