@feenwager Good question! I dunno, I guess it’s easier to figure out what folks’ positions and preferences are with Season 2. Your fine self, and without blowing too much haemorrhoid-inducing smoke up your date, provides a great balance, since the suppositions with the Squad can get pretty lofty at times. Much to your credit, too, as the @feenwager position is rarely, if ever, an unjustified stance.

@angryjedi is certainly the quirk-master, plus having a slightly different gaming background provides a nice left-of-centre perspective. His appreciation for the more kitschy and flamboyant of titles, particularly of Japanese extraction, allows me to appreciate them without having to really go there myself. That’s one peculiarity…I might live here, but my tolerance for Japanese pop-culture/gaming culture (outside of a certain few genres) deified in the West remains laced in a holding pattern of low-participatory, spiralling ambivalence. Hence to have a proxy detective on the case such as Our Man In The UK allows one to peer through windows with feet up.

@beige is certainly the testbed we can throw the scabberous and the pestilent onto, primarily more from the console perspective. Obviously a man who considers the medium of more artistic merit than most, and also justifies stance with aplomb. I don’t know who has a higher tolerance for “nonsense”, him or @angryjedi, but he’s another plexiglass riot-shield I can peer through and appreciate via, but not have to engage with what’s on the other side. Gawd, starting to sound like I’m doing Gaming Literacy 101 via Correspondence.

In any case, personally, I find my tastes relatively at odds with most of the Squad, but not exclusively so, but that Squad Bond remains that I love reading and listening to everyone else’s digital adventures and discoveries. So, to answer your second and third question…

I listen to @feenwager for balance when there’s an exalting of particularly airy concepts. Also, when it comes to “mainstream” games, you couldn’t find a more rigorous set of hoops a game must jump through. Quality control.

I listen to @angryjedi because he’s an endearing Brit and we self-deprecating antipodeans have nothing better to do than feel inferior to Mother England. No, I value his ability to always throw in “You know, (insert game of discussion) reminds me of (insert other game, game mechanic, game of yore, something to do with Phoenix Wright etc.)” and being able to effortlessly pluck interesting tidbits from his gaming repertoire. Always adds colour.

I listen to @beige because he’s always got a lot to say! Brings an appreciation of film and literature into the medium of games discussion and for that, the discussion is all the more richer. I flip-flop back and forth on the games as art business, but it’s nice to have a bastion for the notion on the Squadcast.

As far as the Squadcast goes, I dunno…keep rollin’, I’ll keep listening! Old format or new.