Well, again, no real slight against DA2, I don’t have the experience as of yet to back it up however I can at least say “I understand trepidation.”

I dunno though, are these false? Is it still tactical pause-y combat? The world feels large enough? Is the lack of an obvious end goal not true, or simply not applicable? If they’re wrong let me know, I’m not out for a crusade, I want to know if it’s the old Bioware I know and love.

I get the sense that I’m asking if a girl has a good personality and people keep telling me “Man she’s so beautiful” which is great, and definitely a favorable mark and I’m not saying I’m canceling the date, but not exactly what I asked. If you order spaghetti and Bioware brings you a taco, saying “shut up, it’s a great taco” I think it’s reasonable to pop question marks out of your head. I just want to know what I’m getting into.