Excellent show guy’s.

Pacing is critical for me, I find that if a game keeps leading me on for hours on end with little to no story I will put the game down and walk away (FFXII and FFXIII are in this category sadly). I just don’t have time to play a game for 4 hours straight to make any significant headway. A game that I have recently picked back up that has nailed pacing to a T is Enslaved. Action and platforming are split perfectly and I can pick the game up play 45 minutes and get a decent chunk of story from it before putting it back down again. Likeability of the characters doesn’t hurt either.

On the difficulty front, I’ve always been a normal guy. I just never saw the point of needlessly making the game harder for a few achievements/rewards and as Jeff said, there’s no point when you can just YouTube the extra cut scenes/bonuses at a later date.

When a game frustrates me I usually put it down and I rarely come back to it. Meat Boy is the exception to this as after the cool down I am usually able to complete the obstacle that flummoxed me for 40 minutes in less than 10 tries.

As for the DLC shenanigans it pains me that I actually considered buying Dragon Age 2 JUST for the preorder bonus goodies even though I haven’t finished DA:O. I am a sucker for that sort of thing and if it enhances the base game I find it very tempting to grab it and play it later. Collectors editions also play into this, I like the nicknacks but the in-game content is usually pretty cool.

LA Noire is probably the most disappointing culprit in this situation. In a game where story is everything they are cutting out parts piecemeal and giving them to different retailers?! I find that appalling. They are actually denying content from their customers because they didn’t preorder/buy the game at GameStop/Walmart. I don’t mind different costumes/guns/etc but this is too much.

Don’t get me wrong I will be preordering it GameStop as I have a good report with the manager/employee’s there and they typically give me preorder bonus cards even if I don’t preorder a game. But the Walmart bonus sounds intriguing, a car theft ring or something to that effect.

Bonuses should be bonuses and not critical to the game itself. Its sad to see things going that way.

Though I do appreciate the preorder bonus for Portal 2, $5 off is not too shabby