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SquadCast 3.1: The Man’s Way

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The Squad kicks off 2011 with an all new season of podcasts, starting with a discussion of game difficulty and pacing. Jeff reveals himself to be a mainstream gamer, Pete gets excited by bullet-hell Gothic lolitas and Mark finds that Nier drives you to socially-questionable levels of distraction.

Music in this episode:
Fly Above The Sky from Do-Don-Pachi Resurrection (CAVE; iOS)
(Unknown Title) from Catherine (Atlus; PS3/360)
Besieged Village from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Konami; PS3/360)

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Got any thoughts on game difficulty and pacing? Post ’em here and tag ’em “The Man’s Way”.

Enjoy the show! Apologies for the wonky schedule at the minute. Hopefully we’re back to normal now!