@feenwager Yes. “Fun” is definitely the most appropriate word when describing Bullestorm. They’ve taken the console first person shooter and game-ified it again. I mean, later on in the game it reaches a point where you are very rarely shooting a guy with bullets.

Other than Hot Pursuit it’s been such a long time since I’ve played a console game that was all about, well, a game!, with variables at play and such. After the Black Ops and Killzone 3 campaigns I’m done with super-scripted war shooters that have you do literally nothing but go to that cover, shoot that guy with the ACOG sight rifle, watch that scripted event. I never actually installed and played that Call of Duty riff that Epic and People Can Fly did, but the joke is spot-on. Call of Duty 4 did the narrative roller coaster thing right, but every game since has just come off as a monotonous, barely-interactive slip-n’-slide. Bulletstorm felt so much more varied and had so much more flavor in comparison.

I’ll probably buy Bulletstorm when it’s dropped down to $20 or something just for the Echoes mode, either in a bargain bin or a Steal sale.