Continuing my tradition of playing games long after most people have gotten to them, I just completed the God of War Collection.

I mentioned this quickly on Twitter, but is there a more unsympathetic protagonist than Kratos? If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m enjoying the play-through, I really have no motivation to complete his “journey”. The man is just an uncompromising ball of rage and doesn’t care who gets in his way.

With that out of the way, these games look very good with the up-rez graphics. The scope of the environments in God of War 2 are particularly striking and the use of the fixed camera angles really plays that up. However, these fixed angles make game-play more frustrating at times and add unnecessary complexity to some puzzles and other tasks. Most of the hidden chests in the games play off the fact that there are some areas you may skip because of the camera’s perspective and I really couldn’t stand that. I know that the fixed camera is kind of a set trope with this hack and slash genre but I would like someone to try something else in this regard…

Also, QTEs – I know these games essentially started these and I can see why they were developed. They allow the developers to create jaw-dropping sequences and moments that really hit home as the player. However, they really get repetitive – especially when you fail one and have to re-do it a number of times. This happened to me with the final battle in GoW 2 which really lessened the effect of the scene after I had done the start of it 4 times. I will concise that part of that is because I am not used to the PS controller yet, so my mind hasn’t map the location of the square and circle buttons automatically yet – I still flip them half the time :p

Otherwise, really digging the series as a gaming experience and can’t wait to get to the third one