You know what’s really interesting about The Witcher? It’s combines elements usually attributed to the disparate disciplines of JRPGs and WRPGs, The strongly characterized main hero who has their own story is an often referenced part of the JRPG, then the world setting, theme and combat is so heavily wrpg you might feel you’re in a Renaissance fair.

Neither of those two elements feel like they were done weakly either. In fact the most gratuitous part of the game is the “Yeah, I tapped that” trading cards, which honestly, I kinda liked as well. I dunno if I’m not supposed to admit that or something, but bah.

Then on top of all that it feels like the game is treating you like an adult. It’s quite mysterious how they managed to hit on so many cylinders without apparently difficulty. I guess having an established world from the books probably helped a lot? Maybe the trouble the west usually has with RPGs is that few people making games are equally good “I could get a novel published” writers? or at least they’re few and far between (the doctors come to mind.)