Playing Dead Space 2 and The Witcher. I gotta say, having seen people’s comments here I’m glad I always do games on Normal first, the necromorphs have definitely become more capable, and my favorite weapon (The ripper) got a serious range nerf.

As for the scares, I find Dead Space 2 almost entirely “Cat on a Spring” type, It’s funny to think about how much more concerned I was from the SS2 hybrid’s strange commentary “your song is not ours, we seek we seek” even though I knew that as an actual threat they were basically a 0. Conversely, the necromorphs *will kill you* in seconds, but they are a very direct threat so they seem to cause less anxiety. I guess I’m a sucker for atmosphere? What type of horror really gets people here?

Also: Best line in the Witcher
Woman: I hear the Witchers carry two swords, a silver one for monsters, and a steel one for humans
Geralt: They’re both for monsters