Hmmmm. it depends on how you play it I think, if you’re the sort of person who seeks out every single quest available terminator-style it’s going to take you a while, on average though I’d say that it doesn’t take as long as your normal RPG, cutscenes are few and only take maybe a minute, usually less. I was surprised how significantly that cuts down the time requirement and how much meatier the game feels for it.

I will say it’s a fantastic game, best moral system in any game I’ve ever played, it doesn’t do clear good/evil often, the choices feel much more…. real? There are far fewer setpieces contrived to leave everything up to the player.

If you start it now, I’d expect you’d be done late feb to early march. So if you want to finish it prior to Witcher 2 you’re got plenty of time yet, this one is actually an old project of mine I got sidetracked off of