Just got to the final boss. I do not blame you if you skip it and YouTube the ending. Motherfucker I did not play the entire game on Survivalist up to this point just to knock it down at the last part.

What makes it worse is that after finishing the part immediately preceding this, I was thinking “wow, that was a pretty smart way to do a ‘final boss’ in the context of a game like Dead Space. I’m sure glad they didn’t tack on a traditional boss at the end, like so many other games that didn’t have or need bosses…”

@bowlisimo Last I checked Amnesia does have a Mac and even a Linux version.

Oh, and I also finished the Dragon Age Origins base game today. The Archdemon was actually one of the easiest bosses in my experience. Now I just need to figure out the proper order for all this DLC-expansion-save-game crap.