@feenwager Yep…after the “deja vu” part of the game. (You’ll know what I mean if you’ve played it), the difficulty spikes hard. My first playthrough was on Zealot and I made it all the way to the end with a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter and partially upgraded Rivet Gun.

I won’t spoil the last few chapters but I managed to make it through, mostly by screaming and running away like a girl.

The final boss…I actually had to lower the difficulty level as I guess I gimped myself by just bringing the two weapons I mentioned previously.

It definitely gets difficult but I actually enjoyed it. Ammo management, using stasis and generally having a health bar in the orange to red range is status quo for the end game and I wouldn’t change a thing. Playing on Survivalist or Zealot will definitely increase the anxiety you feel; which for me, increased my enjoyment of the game.

Going through a second time in New Game+, even playing on Zealot level again is like a walk in the park now because you know the fights and their are no surprises. Still fun…but people are really diminishing the survival horror experience by playing on Normal or Easy.

Unless you don’t want to give yourself an ulcer…in which case, power through on the difficulty level you want. 🙂