@impynickers I like the gameplay; plus the fact it’s not an uber-long RPG may attract more people to it than the Persona series, which is a good thing. At the same time, I worry that Persona fans might look at the gameplay and turn their noses up at it because it’s NOT an RPG!

Besides the puzzly stuff, it sounds like there’s a fair amount of conversation and decision-making to advance the plot. I understand there are lots of branching plot points and different outcomes.

The trailer at the end of the demo also hints at lots of gameplay elements we haven’t seen yet. There’s things to do within the dreams that affect the relationships with Katherine and Catherine, for example.

I’m intrigued. I don’t personally believe it should be a budget release just because its primary mechanic is puzzly. The production values alone make it a worthy full-price title. And if the localisation (assuming there is one) is as good as past Atlus titles, there’ll be a solid game to enjoy there.