I can really relate to the game fatigue sentiment right now. I got a stack of games over the holidays, and I just don’t feel like touching any of them right now. What bugs me is this nagging feeling that if I don’t play them now, I never will. New shiny games are on the horizon.
What have I been doing? Dicking around with Deus Ex mods.

Its no secret the series gives me the tinglies. Human Revolution may end up being the second coming, or at the very least it might just copy the original formula without fucking it up.
Until the verdict is released on that, we have the mods.

First I will champion: The Nameless Mod.
An amazing undertaking, many years in the making. This is a single player total conversion, with its own quirky Storyline with fully voiced dialogue, many new and awesome weapons such as ‘throwing sporks’. It is very much a game created for fans, and ends up being quite fun. More than anything I am just impressed at the dedication of the creators. There is a lot of love and detail in this mod.

ENB series, for Deus Ex.
Has anyone heard of ENB Series and what it is doing to the Unreal engine? Pretty damned remarkable.
Imagine all your favorite Unreal engine games with modern effects such as bump mapping, advanced lighting, a little bloom, some new water effects. Its still early, but the minute you boot it up you can see the potential.

Deus Ex: Revision
Have you ever spent time in Deus ex wondering what the architects were smoking when they built the games locales? There were some markedly strange design decisions, possibly motivated by the technical limitations of the time. Here we have a mod that remixes just about everything, and in many cases creates much more believable environments in the process. I actually really loved some of the redesigns, they will often completely change how you play the game and offer new experiences.