@unmanneddrone I didn’t really get much out of Clear Sky. I don’t think they took the idea of a prequel far enough. You basically traipse through the same areas you did in the first game, but from a slightly earlier and different perspective (that doesn’t feel like a different perspective). I did like how the factions actually warred with each other and took/lost territory (although it wasn’t perfect), and ducking under cover from an emission from the zone was crazy. Waiting on a sale to pick up Pripyat.

@angryjedi Hell yeah I’ve played Space Rangers 2. I picked it up when Beige was talking about getting it as a present a few years ago (pretty sure I’ve extolled its virtues on the old club page too). Definitely a weird genre mash-up. Not many contemporary games have the balls to launch you into several exceptionally well designed text adventures. The RTS missions were piss poor, but thankfully avoidable. It was just really cool to have a back and forth struggle in the galaxy between the Dominators actually happening at the same time that you’re delivering modulators and working your way up to a sweet space chassis so you can join in the fight.

P.S. This is the best music in the entire game.