@bowlisimo I agree wholeheartedly. Eastern Bloc ideas and notions are infinitely more exciting in regards to game development. STALKER is a prime example. Such evocation and grime-flecked romance throughout it all. The 2009 mod is essentially an overhaul of the default game, so nothing of the original intent is changed…but I highly recommend you check out the mod down the line when you’re in the mood for another trudge through the Zone. http://bit.ly/fkX6W8

Also, nabbed Call of Pripyat Loyalty Edition off Gamersgate – eight bucks for the non-stand alone “sequel” was too good an offer to pass up. I hear Clear Sky is a bit of a disappointment, but down the line I’ll check it out. Consider me a STALKER convert and disciple.

By the by, have you seen the two new Eastern Euro RPG-Shooters on Gamersgate? Xenus 2: White Gold – http://bit.ly/homp6s (sequel to the chronically ambitious Boiling Point) and Precursors – http://bit.ly/eTVZAG (Freelancer and a Halo/Outcast mix) just got translated into English. Hilarious voice work at times are the main issues with both, allegedly, but they appear to be terrific. White Gold the tongue-in-cheek product of a mating at gunpoint between Far Cry and STALKER, Precursors offering a unique, non-palette swapped galaxy to explore with fully-fledged planetary landscapes to walk, run, drive and fly machines around in – replete with indigenous lifeforms, various alien factions etc. – and space ship combat…kinda like Parkan 2 if you played that.


Precursors – http://bit.ly/idSe24
Xenus 2 – http://bit.ly/ieJtic

And just keep this in mind, you can ride a shark in Xenus 2.