More in-depth iOS gaming thoughts. Specifically on the subject of Dungeon Defenders, which is also on the way for consoles and PC, too.

Elevator pitch: Unreal 3-powered Diablo/tower defense combo.
Is it good? Yes.
Tell me why using bullet points because I’m lazy.

  • It’s one of the most in-depth iPhone games I’ve seen.
  • It costs $2 but has excellent production values.
  • It’s a fun twist on two established formulae which have been done to death on the iPhone.
  • It has drop-in, drop-out multiplayer with voice chat.
  • It’s simple to play, hard to master.
  • There is a metric shit-ton of content in it.

Why might I not like it? Tell me why using bullet points because I’m still lazy.

  • The iPhone screen is just a tiddly bit too small for all the information it wants to display at once. Things overlap and get a bit messy at times. If ever there were a case for playing on an iPad…
  • If you don’t like touchscreen controls, you won’t like this. Though there are two alternative control schemes that seem to work quite well, and for the most part the controls seem pretty responsive.
  • If you like the exploration aspect of Diablo-likes, you won’t like this. It’s all arena-based, though they are interesting arenas that you need to learn the layout of.
  • I predict it will probably chug a bit on older iPhones/iPod touches, and being an Unreal Engine-powered game, it is unlikely to run at all on 1st gen or 3G iPhones.

The bottom line: If you like chopping things up whilst letting other stuff get stabbed, shot or blown up by crap you left lying on the floor, you’ll like this. Some of you guys should buy it so I can try multiplayer.