@mjpilon @cptcarnage Sheer force of will, and about two hours of pain. The first screen took the longest, but it’s not as insane as it looks once you get the muscle memory down (although you’ll still fuck up the first drop 1,000 times anyway). It’s that last 1/3 of it that’s really nerve wracking. I disagree with that diagram though. After the second set of wall jumps you don’t need to hit the wall and jump across, you can just fall and then hit the double jump (with run), and that last jump doesn’t need run. That got me killed three times, mere centimeters from bandage girl (rage!).

The second screen sucks balls, but the only real hard part is weaving through the smaller spikes. It’s all timing and luck, but at least you get to rest your jump hand.

And you’ll need to rest it, because the third screen is pure, relentless, torture, of both body and mind. If you’re not jumping, you’re dead. If you don’t jump at the right time, you’re dead. If you don’t do anything, you’re dead. You’ll start to feel like Bill Murray in groundhog day, where he just stops caring and starts killing himself. The only thing I can say here is watch how someone else does it on youtube (especially how to transition from lower to upper tiers).

Not sure if it was worth it, but it’s done. If I can do it, you guys can, but as Beige said, you just need to be willing to bash your head into a wall over and over, and clear about 2-3 hours of your schedule for it. Also, having the IWBTG music or your own music in the background helps the morale, for a little while…