My mother-in-law is a huge Disney fan — like Minotti huge – -and she’s going to be visiting us for 3 weeks so Epic mickey is happening, poopy or not. Wild guess is that she will enjoy it more than me blowing people’s heads off in Fallout. She likes watching us play games in the evening during the holidays, and even stuck with me for a bunch of Gears of War 2. Dragon Quest and stuff is more her speed though. She’s totally one of those moms who doesn’t really get game mechanics though — she’s liable to point to a pile of rocks lying as a texture map on the ground and tell me to use them to solve a puzzle. She will kick your ass at Farmville though.

Yeah, I’ve heard very much that the solution to my HDMI problem is to buy a new amp, which is a much larger commitment than an HDMI switch but if that’s the solution… crap.

It’s not like I can’t swing the cost, but I like my Denon amp and it works great — only real problem is that it doesn’t have HDMI in or out… maybe I can sell it on Craigslist or something and use the funds to upper-grade to an Onkyo or Denon +. It was a great amp when I bought it 4 or 5 years ago. Didn’t forsee this problem, so shame is on me.