I mean, Gran Turismo 5…

I know that isn’t for any of us, but it is huge with the non-gamer crowd. There are a lot of car people out there that will buy a PS3 strictly for GT5.

But that still isn’t really a counter point to @feenwager‘s initial question. There is something just not right about Sony’s offerings in the States. GT5 is enough in Japan and Europe, @angryjedi not withstanding, but they love that game there.

Sony may just be forfeiting North America to Microsoft. Because even though the NPDs every month have the 360 outselling the PS3, Sony has still just recently overtaken the 360 Worldwide.

Here are the anticipated releases:
Little Big Planet 2 – Jan (This should have been holiday 10)
Mass Effect 2 – Jan (hmmm)
Killzone 3 – Feb (not for me, but it has its fans)
Final Fantasy XIV – March
Infamous 2 (Sure)
Resistance 3 (Nah)
Twisted Metal (Really depends)

So, that leaves nothing I’m excited for until The Last Guardian. Whenever that is coming out.

Thankfully, I just recently got my PS3 so I have some catching up to do.