I got my PS3 about a year before I bought a 360 and the majority of my gaming in 2008 was done exclusively on the PS3. I’m currently playing the Sly Collection on it and I am happy to report that the games survived the transition to 1080p intact and gorgeous. I had forgotten how much better Sly 2 looks over 1 though.

With motion controls I am more likely to buy a Move. I already own a PS3 Eye camera. I dusted it off this weekend to play around with the head tracking in GT5 and I can report it does work but requires you going in and out of game multiple times to adjust the sensitivity (you have to back out to the main menu to change its settings).

As for Netflix, its made me realize that a 60 gb/month cap is a tad on the small side. Though downloading The Witcher also did that with its 15 gb download