@beige I can vouch for @feenwager‘s warning and suggestion about HDMI switching. Your best bet is grabbing a new receiver that can handle everything. It just doesn’t make sense to spend the same amount of dough on a one-hit wonder.

As for the PS3, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Looking at sales numbers, Sony seems to be content on being the current gen leader in Europe and Japan. I agree with their low key approach to the Move which seems to be working for them. It doesn’t make sense for them to go crazy with their marketing until they release some key games that show off what it can do for enthusiasts.

I think Sony’s biggest fault is its insistence on leading the 3D push. I think Nintendo will knock it out of the park with the 3DS but that’s a “right product, right time” case.

Finally, @beige’s XBox 360 Slim isn’t the only one that’s had disc drive issues. My son’s brand new Reach model just pooped out on him. Lame.